TABACAL S.A. & Tire management with RFID

TABACAL was born in 1920 as a company specializing in sugar production, located in the province of Salta company.

Nowadays, Tabacal produces sugar, alcohol and biofuel, generates electric bioenergy, and manufactures biofertilizers or organic fertilizers from sugar production waste.

Tabacal developed a strategic alliance with the firm Telectrónica, a leading company in the integration of RFID in Latin America, to work together in this pilot project with the aim of implementing new technologies to optimize their processes, to efficiently administrate their assets, and to reduce cost and losses.

Main needs regarding tire management.

Tires are identified before being installed in the vehicle and this identification is used in every later process to trace them.

Every time a vehicle leaves the property, it is read and the data of every tire is associated to it. In the same way, at its return, it is checked that any of the tires had been changed by the original ones.

Benefits of the tire management system:

- Tire loss and theft reduction.
-Inspection and management of tires.
-Immediate detection of out-of-stock items and the triggering of alarms.
- Creation of statistical comparative reports for each tire.